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The process of role development goes beyond networking and taking on a new role as an APN. According to Brykczynski’s study of clinical nurse specialists, role development involves a complete makeover of one’s professional identity and the ability to integrate the seven core advanced practice competencies.1 New graduate APNs go through phases during their transitioning period, from a registered nurse to an APN; these phases include orientation, frustration, implementation, integration, frozen, reorganization and complant.2
The first phase discussed is orientation, during this phase; the APN is excited and eager about the new role. The focus in this phase is to strive to meet organizational and self-demands.3 During this phase, I plan on applying my advanced assessment skills to provide a systematic approach to providing care to my patients. I will also continue to read journals, review class notes and merge with former classmates to bounce ideas off of each other.
The next phase is frustration, during this phase, the new APN faces some discouragements as they start to settle in the new role, they might realize some unrealistic goals and expectations they had set during the orientation phase.4 I appreciate that this stage is probably inevitable, I plan on navigating through this phase by consulting with my mentor, exploring my goals and sorting through them to figure out what is important and what would be too far fetched. Setting realistic goals, checking in on progress frequently is what I plan on doing.
The third phase according to Brykczynski is implementation, during this phase the APN has managed to regroup, get reorganized and refocused.5 During this phase, I plan on using the feedback I will receive from my patients, peers,...

... middle of paper ...

...f treatment and management.
During the final stage broadening the perspective, the APN is starting to settle in in his/her new role, the NP experiences realistic expectations and a feeling that they are competent. During this phase, I will focus on identifying my strengths and work on strengthening them further. I will do this by seeking for biannual and annual evaluations from management/administrator. I plan on making changes in my work environment in order to increase the care delivery system.12

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