Roger And Tina From An Experiential Therapist Standpoint Essay example

Roger And Tina From An Experiential Therapist Standpoint Essay example

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Roger and Tina come to therapy without their children. From an experiential therapist standpoint, the best method at this point would be to have Roger and Tina engage in emotionally focused couple’s therapy to help uncover the negative feelings they each feel toward one another. In heated moments, it is important for the therapist to intervene in the discussion and to reflect on what Roger and Tina are feeling. This will help defuse the situation and the therapist can help guide them to focus on their experience, rather than on what the other is doing wrong (Nichols, 2013). This is important so that the therapist can build a collaborative and effective bond with both parties (Swank, 2013). Discussion of specific issues in their relationship can be placed into context so that the Roger and Tina can learn to talk about their differences though instead of reacting to them (Kessler, 1996). Tina brings up that Ava has experienced their arguments and is afraid that she could be negatively affected by their behavior. The therapist asks the Hoffmans to bring their children for the next session. The goal for this first session is for Tina and Roger to openly discuss their frustrations as well as positive emotions.
In order to gain a full understanding of the Hoffman’s family systems, family roles, and communication patterns, it would be best to have the whole family come participate, with the exception of Aiden since he is too young to comprehend the situation at hand. Since Ava is at an impressible age, it is important for her to be involved. The therapist engages the family in exchange role-playing with the use of puppets. The use of puppets is a good tool to use when dealing with younger children and it also adds the element of ...

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...ily therapy should be a priority in the years ahead.
Couples therapy should encourage and allow partners to express their true feelings and emotions to each other and, if applicable, to other family members. In addition, couples should accept and respect each other’s individuality. Experiential therapy has an abundance of interventions available for the therapist’s use, which makes it beneficial to use on couples and families with different backgrounds. It is also helpful that many of these interventions require both partners and/or all family members to be active, such as family sculpting, family drawings, and puppet interviews and so forth. Especially dealing with cases where younger children are involved. The fact that experiential family therapy is not structured works well as it is important for the therapist to assess each couple and/or family case by case.

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