The Rock: The GE Building in Rockefeller Plaza

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Tourist. Business people. Shoppers. Television executives. View-seekers. All these people can be found at one place. The GE building, formally the RCA building, is the centerpiece of Rockefeller Plaza in New York, New York and was completed in 1933. The building is now the headquarters of the television network NBC along with being a tourist attraction. Known as 30 Rock, the structure is one of the most prestigious office buildings. Along with being an office building, there are many stores located on the first floor and under the building itself. The building is also home to the Top of the Rock, an observation deck located on the building’s flat roof. This one building has many uses and caters to different groups of people and on top of that, it is an architectural gem and icon. When visitors first approach the building and take the chance to look up they will be in awe of the building’s towering height, as it is the one of the taller in the city. Standing at the base of the building looking up makes you feel extremely small in comparison. It is somewhat overwhelming really at first and is hard to initially take in the impressive architecture. Upon first glance, visitors will also notice some iconic landmarks such as the sunken plaza where the ice-skating rink and Christmas tree are located in the winter season, the statues, marquee signs, and the building itself. These features, along with the iconic build itself, are known to most people due their use in movies and TV shows. Visitors must first take in all there is to see outside before they even begin to venture inside. The layout of the building and the outside area create different environments for the different people the building caters to. The plaza outside creates an ... ... middle of paper ... ... appeals to working, educated adults including television executives, production crews, and the entertainers and actors themselves. Then on the tourist side of things, the building draws in people of all ages, nationalities, and classes to take in the site, shops, and view. The building draws in all types of people from New York City residents to people from across the world. As a piece of art, inside and out, the GE building in New York City is not meant to be enjoyed by a specific group of people but by all people. Whether you see it through on television screen or in person, it is a true piece of iconic architecture. If you are at the building for work, to catch a Rockets show, take in the view from the Top of the Rock, go for a skate, shop, go on a tour, or just to simply take in the site, you wont be let down by this artful building and all it has to offer.

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