Rock And Roll : Influences On American Culture Essay

Rock And Roll : Influences On American Culture Essay

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Rock and roll started in a lot of states not like the other types of music I was talking about. And that’s what makes rock and roll unique from the other types of music. Rock and roll started in many states not just in one state but many and then evenly spread out through America and became a big hit after the World War II. There are many types of rock and roll to soft rock to hard rock to slow rock and so on. It also had its problems as to any other type of genre. Rock and roll was known for their sexual lyrics and rebellious lyrics that changed American culture. This changed American culture because that’s when everyone noticed that artists are saying those things in their lyrics and other artist would do it as well and that’s when a lot of problems started rising about the messages artist are sending to their audience. Rock and roll was also another criticized genre that most people looked at and that is also why they were so rebellious because the artists and fans were criticized and that’s where that rebellious attitude came from. It became a big trend to be a rebel in the 1900’s. But not all of rock and roll was destructive. There was also great artist in the making and made big names for themselves. For example Elvis, The Beatles, or Richie Valens and so on that made great rock and roll music and had the true meaning of rock and roll. Rock and roll had golden years were it was listened to all over America and then in the late 1900;s that when the different types of rock and roll started to appear into the music culture and started to change the American culture as well for introducing the different types of rock and roll. This changed the music history and the American history because most the genre types of music have var...

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... from your mind out. That is how our music became our music today from our ancestors that gave different types of ideas to create the sorts of music that we listen to today and the music that we love and enjoy to listen too. A lot of people don’t know how or when the type of music that we listen to today all started but most of the music that we listen to today all started around the same which was in the late 1800’s or in the early 1900’s and then carried on later on and more and more music was produced. The history of our music that we listen to today all started not that long ago if we think about it and from not that long ago our music started and it also changed our American culture by introducing different types of music and also how it has been modified to when it all first started to how it has reshaped in the present and how it can also revise in the future.

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