Rochester Youth Development Study: Relationship Between Family and Juvenile Delinquency

Rochester Youth Development Study: Relationship Between Family and Juvenile Delinquency

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The behavior among juveniles and family problems among their homes is a major issue at hand in our society today. According to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (2010), in the year 2010, 784 juveniles were arrested for murder, 2,198 for rape, and 35,001 for aggravated assault. The amount of juveniles being involved in violent crimes is very detrimental to all aspects of our society, but environmental factors are a major component of this issue that needs to be analyzed. The question is then is how does instability and turmoil within the family affect the rate of juvenile delinquency amount youth. Dysfunction within the family, negative peer pressure and substance abuse all influence the behavior and action of youth ages persons. All of these factors contribute to the possibility of a youth aged child to becoming a juvenile delinquent. Not all youths that have these different situations occurring in their childhood become involved in criminal activities, but they increase the chances. Children are affected at young ages and the things that they face in life and they way they act are vital in the path that they choose to follow in life.
According to Krohn, Hall, & Lizotte (2009) changes in the structure of a family can be very disruptive in the positive development of adolescents who live within these families. The impact of these transitions is very detrimental to children of all ages. The problems among the situations with family, school, and social settings cause an increased chance of delinquent behaviors. In a sample done by (2009) that consisted of 646 boys and girls from the Rochester Youth Development Study they founded that there is little evidence to support the claim of direct or indirect effect of family t...

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...of family transitions and problems over time are linked to different domains in person’s lives. All of these issues intertwine together to form the way a child chooses to act in their lives. According to (2009) the three main aspects that affect the life of a child are family, school, and friends. These factors that every child has to face can positively and or negatively change the behaviors throughout time. They can be risk or protective factors for adolescents when it comes to delinquency and the use of drugs. Also, to further extend the theories involved in the literature of family instability and changes linked to juvenile delinquency can relate to sociological views as well. Many variables such as race, class, and gender, family, school, and relationships among friends are some of the most researched topics of drug use and delinquency among youth aged people.

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