Robust Routers Job Offer Negotiation Essay

Robust Routers Job Offer Negotiation Essay

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In the simulation involving a negotiation over a job offer at Robust Routers, I played the role of the human resource director; Leigh Bultema, and my partner played the role of Joe Tech; the recent MBA graduate seeking permanent employment with the technology company. Joe is not in agreement with the terms of the original offer and would like to negotiate the terms of certain issues within the bargaining mix. One key issue Joe is negotiating is the relocation to Robust Routers headquarters in Silicon Valley, California. He would rather remain in Nashville, Tennessee and become a telecommuter. Other issues within the bargaining mix include the annual salary, signing bonus, and stock options. In this negotiation, a variety of distributive bargaining and collaborative strategies and tactics were employed to reach an agreement.
Distributive Bargaining
Distributive bargaining consists of two parties in competition to maximize their share of a limited resource. In distributive bargaining, the goals of one party are in fundamental and direct conflict with the goals of the other party (Lewicki, Barry, & Saunders, 2011). In the negotiation over the job offer at Robust Routers, the resources being distributed were the items in the bargaining mix. As the human resources director, my goal was to gain more by giving less, and Joe’s goal was to gain more by receiving more of the company’s resources.
My goal was to give less of the company’s limited resources by attempting to settle on an agreement less than my resistance point. The simulation did not discuss what the company’s resistance point was. However, after researching product management positions in the Silicon Valley area, I discovered the median salary for this pos...

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...ob offer was his best chance at pursuing a career in business development. From working under Leigh during his internship, Joe also had a high level of trust for Leigh, which may be the reason why he did not try to pursue telecommuting any further. In the end, both parties are on the right path in pursuing future business objectives, so it was a win-win situation that resulted from distributive and collaborative bargaining strategies.

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