Robots : Robots And Make Life Easier Essay

Robots : Robots And Make Life Easier Essay

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Robots in Everyday Life
Robots are being used to help humans and make life easier. They are used in restaurants, crime fighting, medicine, education, protection, around the home, and even in coffee. There are a few types of robots too, like Industrial robots, social robots, and toys. Robots are able to perform many tasks that humans aren’t able to. This helps to set apart robots from humans and make everyday life a little easier.
Robots are being used in restaurants to serve food and drinks, cook, and entertain. A place in Heilongjiang Province in China has a restaurant that has 20 robots performing these tasks. once a robot takes an order a chef bot gets started on preparing the dish. after the meal is cooked it is sent down a conveyor belt where a mechanical arm takes the dish and sets it down on the waiter robots. These waiter bots take the dishes down a black trail to the table with the order. That 's how the robots are being used in restaurants.
People have created a robot security guard to help with enforcing law. It stands 5 feet tall and weighs 300 lbs. The Knightscope robot uses a 360 degree camera and a laser scanner to scan faces, license plates, report live footage, and geotag. This robot is completely unarmed and is used to observe and alert. People have asked how this robot can protect itself from vandalism and the answer was that they have many sensors and alarm stages as well as a vandal-proof coating. Further answers about the robot 's self-defense measures have been classified to protect the robot from enemies. This is an example of how robots can assist us in crime fighting in the near future.
Robotics in the age of medicine and surgery is becoming a little more popular. Surgery is becoming ...

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...e to be family friendly and help with better advanced communication, interacting with children, and taking pictures/videos. JIBO is able to rotate in any direction and if using Skype, it can seem like you’re turning around to look at people. JIBO can also recognize and follow your facial features allowing it to be able to take pictures when asked and make you feel like you 're talking to an actual person. Echo has been a robot just like JIBO but can’t rotate or look at you, but it can hear you from far away and even over the top of the music. Echo can also alert you about power sources that are on and are able to shut it off if you request. Echo can also remind you of the appliances and groceries you need and order them for you mostly over Amazon, the creators of the robot Echo.This is how robots have made it in our households and make life a little easier and lazier.

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