Robots Are Taking Over Humans Jobs Essay

Robots Are Taking Over Humans Jobs Essay

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Robots Are Taking Over Humans Jobs
In the Terminator film series, the Terminator is from a world controlled by robots. Technology got so advanced that Cyber Dyne Systems Skynet took over human controlled robots and nuked the world. This story is impossible in reality, but robots should not be taken lightly in today’s world. Technology in the 21st century is getting more advanced every day. Robots are used in factories and even in people’s homes. So what if the Terminator film series got it right? Human workers, that work in factories, machineries, mills, everyday human controlled jobs like cash registers operators, are being replaced by robotic automation. This is a major problem for the everyday employees. Jobs that were once held by human workers, are now being replaced every day by robot “workers”. It is not ethical to replace human employees with robotic automation and computer controlled systems. It is important to be mindful, how and when to use robotic automation as robotic automation is useful, when used sparsely. Robots are a problem for humans because, technology of robots are becoming smarter, more reliable industrial robots and drones that lead to better factory production. It is often cheaper to buy an Industrial robot or program then to train a human worker and pay them for their job. The major cost difference of robotic automation is often a major fact on why human jobs are replaced by robots as with salary and overall price per employ. Robots are made to run without flaws and can outperform the average worker. These might sound like great points for robots to replace humans at jobs but this is not the case, it is complete wrong.
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Workers spend hours on hours in factories working for a paycheck. Peopl...

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...Joe Saunders and Kerstin Dautenhahn authors of the book New Frontiers in Human-robot Interaction writes” Human–Robot Interaction (HRI) is a relatively new and growing research field dealing with the way people can work, play and generally interact with robots, and also how robots can be best enabled to work together with

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people.” (1) Technology gowned so much over the world that, it is starting to cause big problems. Technology is starting to make people make tough decisions to make the most money possible. Science fiction like the Terminator film series, maybe got it right, robots are taking over. Technology is forcing people out of their jobs. This needs to change for the better. Robots work with humans to improve efficiency is how it should be done The human mind will always be more advanced than robots so why replace human workers if humans are better.

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