Robotics Is Common Day And Robots Essay

Robotics Is Common Day And Robots Essay

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The play is set in a society that advance robotics is common day and robots are, of course, considered subservient. Some of these robots are practically human looking, but then there are those who truly take the term metal monster literally. Almost everyone in the world has a robot in their family all except two sisters, Bara and Rachel. Bara is professional young woman, physically and emotionally, she has a strong hatred for robots and truly just wants them to stay out of her life. Well fate had other plans, as our play focuses on one night that Bara is walking home from work when she is witness to another crime. This night she witnessed a robbery by two thugs who left behind their shoeless victim slumped in a side alley. Bara despite her fears moves forward to check on the victim, but she was not the only one to witness the attack.
Enter CR-059 a robot who has an incredible ability that no other robot can do, he can heal people with a simple touch. CR-059 is not a nice looking robot because not only does his clothes look like he pulled them out of a dumpster he looks like an amateur job. His face almost looks like a rusted fencing mask which is covered by a big hood that completely encompasses his line of view. So as he was healing the victim, Bara confronts him distracting him. Bara yells at him unwittingly distracting the both of them as the victim, who was heavily injured, gets up and walks away. When Bara realizing what had occurred she panics as CR-059 leaves searching for the concussed victim who should not be walking around. Bara at this new discovery panics even more and calls her sister to meet her at her present location.
When Rachel arrives she is angry, but concerned for her little sister as Bara sounded panicked. R...

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...s your duty, it is always appropriate to get consent no matter what. Throughout this whole piece my mind was always running and the play was growing, and trust me this piece is a much larger world then the small street that is portrayed at this point. Where I gained this idea was from out playwriting session in class, all of the characters are a different aspect of my personality particularly Bara. Though as the world grew so large I realized that this play was inspired by my sociology class of Racial Ethnics and of what is occurring right now. Since the racist tendencies are more focused on the robots, but more on the less human robots. I have strong beliefs about equality and just want to translate this in a new way and if this play can successfully do this, then I will do it. I want to see equality in my world and I want to change it with my pieces, no matter what.

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