Essay about Robotics : An Open Heart Surgery

Essay about Robotics : An Open Heart Surgery

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Robotics in Surgeon

Imagine that someone was currently going into an open heart surgery. This is a highly invasive surgery that could take a very long time to recover from. This was once an irrefutable fact; however, this is no longer true. Due to recent advances in medical technology a once long recovery period has now been replaced by a much shorter one thanks to the assistance of robots. Occupations such as a surgeon, are now rapidly embracing the use of robots, such as the Da Vinci, to decrease the invasiveness of a once dehabilitating surgery.
Robotic surgery, in its quintessence, is simply surgery that is greatly assisted by the use of a robotic arm. The reason that this used is because the robots can accomplish a surgery that would have left a patient with a long recovery time with an extremely reduced one. This is made possible because of minimally invasive surgery. This means that the robot uses miniaturized tools and small incision that replaced the previously large incisions that a surgeon’s hand would have to make in order to see,(“Robotic Surgery”). This will lead to many benefits, as one could infer, such as, decreased recovery time, increased quality of life, and decreased scaring (“The Benefits of Minimally Invasive Procedures”). This is absolutely, without a doubt, a major advance in medicine.
What are the opportunities for a person to enter into this field one might ask? The answer is they are very high. The medical field is rapidly growing, in actuality, it is predicted to grow 18% between 2012 and 2020 (Occupational Outlook Handbook). Surgeons and physicians hold about 691,400 jobs in today’s market, this number is substantially higher than one might expect for such a specialized occupation; however, th...

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