Robotic Surgery Is The Most Popular Surgical Surgery Essay

Robotic Surgery Is The Most Popular Surgical Surgery Essay

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“Back in 2000, there were only 1,000 robotic surgeries world-wide. That number surged to 360,000 in 2011 and 450,000 last year” (Pinkerton). Is robotic surgery going to be the way to go? What is robotic surgery? Is the recovery quicker than a normal procedure? Are there more risks? Is robotic surgery more precise and costly?
Robotic surgery has recently become the most popular surgical procedure around. It is used by many surgeons around the world for surgeries such as, “hysterectomies, cervical cancer, and endometriosis” (Robotics Surgeries on the Rise). Robotic surgery is a form of surgery where a robotic device is used to assist a physician in the physical presence of the patient. In the NBC news report, Robotic Surgeries on the Rise, but Are There Risks?, the news anchor reports how the surgery is performed by stating, “The doctor sits at a console several feet away, remotely manipulating instruments while watching every move through a three-dimensional view finder” (Robotic Surgeries on the Rise). This means that the surgeon does not need to have any physical contact with the patient or very little to say the least. Robotic surgery was something that was first developed in 1987. The Da Vinci Robot is known as one of the first robotic devices that was developed and used by physicians. This first robotic device was considered to be, “less invasive, more precise, and have a quicker recovery” (Robotic Surgeries on the Rise). The Da Vinci is the most popular device being used in today’s medical field. It is used alongside the surgeons and physicians of today’s hospital. Just as health care and the medical field develops, robotic surgery is becoming more advanced and popular as time progresses.
Even though robotic surgery ...

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...he cost of surgery to rise drastically. Therefore, this causes a limited amount of patients to be able to receive robotic surgery due to financial limitations. One thing that you need to consider is if your insurance company will cover for some of the surgeries. Robotic surgery costs a lot more than a regular surgery.
Robotic surgery is becoming more and more popular as technology advances. If one chooses to go with the robotic surgery route there will be an increased cost, but the surgery will be more precise and accurate. However, if one decides to choose robotic surgery they must remember there are just as many risks as there are with a normal procedure. No matter what they choose they cannot stop the risks. Overall, robotic surgery is a personal decision that each individual needs to make depending on their financial status and preference on surgical procedures.

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