Robotic Surgery : A Human Life And It Is Alive Essay

Robotic Surgery : A Human Life And It Is Alive Essay

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Flower is a simple idea that uses a beautiful metaphor to clearly, and in an engaging manner, establish the benefit of robotic surgery. As a result, it positions Northwell as a leader in this specialty. It is a much stronger creative idea than Teddy Bear
A flower is delicate like human life and it is alive (unlike the plush bear)
A delicate rose can be restored through medical innovation, felt credible because science is miraculous and gives hope
Repairing a flower requires precision and detailed, microscopic work and this reinforces the benefit of robotic surgery
Respondents believed the idea of watching a flower go from broken to bloom would be captivating and would break through the television clutter
It will be critical to capture the evolution of the flower
Robotic surgery seems new and innovative but requires clear emphasis of the benefit to establish Northwell as a leader and motivate investigation
A more precise focus with smaller incisions results in shorter recovery time
Be sure to show that it is still the doctor performing the surgery, not a robot which people see as futuristic and scary
Also most were not sure of what types of procedures can be performed by robotics
The claim of ‘nationally recognized leader in advanced robotic surgery’ is powerful and reassures patients that Northwell is a superior healthcare system in the area
Respondents understand that doctors/centers that perform more procedures is tantamount to expertise and this sparks reassurance; no one wants to be the surgical guinea pig
However the center that trains the most doctors is not compelling, and in fact, implies that there is no need to get the procedure at Northwell as long as the surgeon has been trained there – which undermines the brand


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...rand is still developing
Nearly half remembered the rebranding (promotional material or on site) but none remembered the specific advertisements
Once told that NSLIJ was now Northwell Health, they were more positively predisposed to see its greatness but the story was still very new to them
Continue to support the branding effort that lays the foundation for Northwell and its signature advertising elements

Continue to spread the word that the healthcare facilities NY and Long Islanders love are now part of Northwell Health
In NYC, leverage outdoor because NYers are urban trekkers; ensure that ambulances carry the rebranding message
In LI, continue to promote the rebranded system

Continue to communicate the benefit of a large health system: depth and systematic breakthroughs that drive excellence in healthcare not just at Northwell but for healthcare at large

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