Essay on The Robot 's Rebellion, By Dr. Jim Davies

Essay on The Robot 's Rebellion, By Dr. Jim Davies

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The human mind is undoubtedly the most complicated area of research in the world of science. New evidence is unraveled from time to time pertaining to how people think and respond to the various stimuli and cues that surround them. Nevertheless, it is clear that the human cognitive process has been shaped by their genetic composition into a fixed form, such that they tend not to depart from certain formalities and have involuntarily denied themselves autonomy. Keith Stanovich notes the consistency in the human thinking process in his book “The Robot 's Rebellion”, in which he compares human beings to robots as they have held onto certain genes that guide their thinking process in the same way that a pre-installed software would guide the artificial intelligence of robots (Stanovich, 2004). While considering the rigidity of the human thinking process as the target example, this essay explores the thinking process of robots as introduced in the first lecture in Cognitive Science – Learning, Memory and Representation – taught by Dr. Jim Davies of Carleton University.
The Robotic Thought Process
Robots are artificial creations of technology, designed to perform various functions within their context as defined by the installed coding and proper coordination between software and hardware. To understand the robotic mind, it is important to take a quick review of how the human mind works. It is important to note that the human thinking process is highly dependent on the various factors including their environment, sensory organs, and other intrinsic factors that affect the way in which they perceive the environment through the senses and their interpretation of such perceptions (McCall, 2009). The robotic mind works in a similar mann...

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... and inhabiting between the autonomous brain and the primitive brain (McCall, 2009).
It is evident that as much as the human thinking process is sophisticated, it has been confined within certain cultural norms that have been passed from one generation to the next, over the years. As such, these norms have impeded the ability of individuals to think beyond the defined boundaries, an aspect that has in a great way affected the setting and achievement of individually beneficial goals among individuals. Broad rationality seems to be an effective way through which the barriers to proper thinking can be erased and the mind can be set free as it opens up the mind not only to the individual knowledge, but to the scientifically available information and allows for proper assessment of both external and internal factors that may interfere with objective thinking.

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