The Robot Invasion By Charlie Gillis Essay

The Robot Invasion By Charlie Gillis Essay

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The article “The Robot Invasion” by Charlie Gillis delves into the idea that robots could and will help our lives in the future, and in fact should be used to help us in our everyday lives. The author touches on the fact that robots are growing positively in our society and humans need to get on board with the type of improvement they can provide to our lives. The author also talks about how the world today is dysfunctional and ancient; with the help of robots we could fix our dysfunctional world and excel to greater atmosphere. The author supports his ideas with being very informative, using facts from several sources and very persuasive towards the upbringing of the robots today in our society.
For someone who is completely oblivious about robots and what they could potentially provide for our society, Gillis provides a vast amount of information to help the reader understand the primary uses and benefits of robots. The author talks about a Canadian science professor modifying robots to sort plastic pucks throughout a table. This type of technology could really be beneficial to our society today, and Gillis gives examples as to why that could be a possibility. Gillis informs the reader of the possibilities of robots helping humans in jobs that they would rather renounce. The author states that “a large population of relatively simple robots could ‘swarm’ a task we humans would rather forgo, like cleaning a banquet hall”. There are tasks like those where we could get a tremendous amount of help from as well as help excel any type of events throughout the country. Or what most people would consider a part of their everyday life, such as cleaning, and providing assistance on types of problems that people would not be able to handl...

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... of the robots today in our society. The information provided gives the reader a great sense of how the robots are impacting society today, and how they could impact the society in the future. The facts Gillis provides backs up the information given about the robots, and goes in depth about how the robots really work. The combination of the information and facts Gillis provides gives the article a persuasive style to it, as well as providing great strengths to the author’s point of view. The reader would feel like they want to figure out a way to start up their own business with robots providing a means of revenue with the way the robots are starting to boom and impact the society. Most of all the reader is left with a sense of knowledge of the robots and understands that there is only a positive outlook going forward with this type of technology in today’s society.

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