Robert Frost: the Great American Poet Essay

Robert Frost: the Great American Poet Essay

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Robert Frost is one of America’s most loved and respected poets. He did a great job capturing the hearts of his readers with his natural imagery and ability to use metaphors to reveal the truths that he was trying to convey. Frost’s life was filled with many struggles including several losses in his family. His early struggles would continue through his educational period, as he wouldn’t graduate from college. Frost traveled to Great Britain to gain some ideas on poetry, and then returned the America to begin writing again (Famous Poets and Poems 1). He would have great successes, and would win numerous awards and honors for his work. The purpose of this research project is to educate the reader of Robert Frost’s biographical information, his career as a writer, the awards and honors that he was able to obtain, and Frost’s writing style.
Biographically, Robert Frost’s life followed the same pattern that a lot of American authors also followed: early struggles and grief to prestige and fame. Robert Lee Frost was born on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco, California to William Prescott Frost Jr., a journalist and a passionate Democrat, and Isabelle Moodie, who was of Scottish descent. Robert Lee Frost was named after the Confederate general, Robert E. Lee. When Frost was two years old, his mother took him and fled to Lawrence, Massachusetts to get away from her husband, who had drinking and gambling problems. While in Lawrence, Isabelle Moodie had a second child, whose name was Jeanie Florence. While the family still resided in Lawrence, Robert Frost’s father died of Tuberculosis when Frost was eleven years old. Before his death, William Frost expressed a desire to be buried in New England, so Isabelle Moodi...

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...ersonal life.
In conclusion, Robert Frost was able to captivate the minds and hearts of his readers by incorporating his love for nature into his poetry, and by having these natural images lead to a deeper truth metaphorically. After conducting the research necessary establish a research paper, it was easy to connect the events in Frost’s life to the themes and concepts of his writing. Because Frost did not necessarily associate himself with one certain literary movement, he was able to break the mold and write his own way. At first, his works were not so widely accepted, but later on, Frost accumulated the wide-spread recognition that he deserved. Frost was able to accumulate a large sum of awards, and was often thought of as the best poet of the 20th century. Today, Robert Frost is still thought of as one of the best American poets in the history of America.

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