Robert Frost 's ' The Road Not Taken ' And ' Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

Robert Frost 's ' The Road Not Taken ' And ' Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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Poetry is a diverse and rich form of literature that allows one to openly express or leave underlying messages about any topic the author chooses. Poets have a variety of tools that act as multipliers, increasing the depth of the message the poet is expressing. Imagery and setting are often used most freely as the two have unlimited potential. Robert Frost capitalizes on that potential and is considered to be the one of the greatest American poets of all time. Frost implores the utilization of isolation and setting to give the reader a sense of personalized immersion. Frost’s use of setting in particular is most lucidly illustrated in his iconic works: “The Road not Taken”, “To E.T.” and “Stopping by woods on a Snowy Evening.”
Juxtaposed with Frost’s typical rural settings, Frost, for the most part, grew up in the city. He graduated from Lawerence High School and went on to attend Dartmouth College. Frost reluctantly worked several jobs, including factory labor. However, it was not until 1912 would Frost begin writing his most successful literature. For in 1912 Frost ventured to England, the new atmosphere sparked an era of great writings from Frost. Unfortunately, that period of creative genius was reduced due to the beginning of World War I; in 1915, Frost returned to America, and went on to partake in farming in New Hampshire for a few years. Afterwards Frost became a professor of English at Amherst College. These drastic changes in landscapes and settings allowed Frost to perfect his style of writing and led to the creation of what are considered his “best and signature works” (Pritchard).
“The Road not Taken”, “To E.T.” and “Stopping by woods on a Snowy Evening”, are all unique in themselves poem yet all three have a...

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...ican poet and his work is constantly being reviewed today. His use of rural settings and imagery are his iconic skills. Frost’s poetry attains a level of descriptiveness that not many poets can recreate. His ability to isolate the narrator and personalize each poem he creates is what sets him apart from other poets and defines his style. The style he portrays can be seen as a connection with romanticism as the narrators often find themselves surrounded by nature. The narrators are usually extremely pensive and are considering great philosophical life driving questions or situations that could possibly lead to an extreme shift in their way of life. Frost puts what seem like simple questions on a grandiose scale that deeply affect each reader and makes he or she question his or her own life and decisions and how each choice contributes to the overall human experience.

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