Robert Francis Kennedy : A Man Of Strong Will And Ambition Essay

Robert Francis Kennedy : A Man Of Strong Will And Ambition Essay

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Robert Francis Kennedy was a man of strong will and ambition. Throughout his lifetime he had numerous accomplishments that formed him into in ideal leader for the United States. He successfully assisted a country in deep in a national poverty and professionally dealt with the issues such as organized crime and civil rights. Through these accomplishments he earned the respect of many.
As an adolescent, Kennedy attended many schools because his large family moved around multiple times. In the end, he graduated high school from Milton Military Academy in 1942 after attending for only 12 months. Kennedy went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Government from Harvard in 1948 then attended Law School at The University of Virginia. While in Law School at The University of Virginia, Kennedy married a friend of his sister, Ethel Skakel. They were married at St. Mary’s Catholic Church where John Kennedy was the best man (“Biography: RFK,” n.d.). Soon after graduating Law School in 1951, Robert Kennedy emerged as a Politian he worked alongside his brother, John, as a manager for his United States Senator campaign. During his lifetime he had various jobs in the government, such as Senate subcommittees and eventually Attorney General after helping his beloved brother, John Kennedy, win the Presidential Election of 1960 (“Biography: RFK,” n.d.). Prior to becoming Attorney General, Kennedy worked on Joseph McCarthy’s Senate Committee on Unamerican Activities, which investigated organizations that intended to undermine the United States (“Biography: RFK,” n.d.).
As Attorney General Kennedy spoke out against many issues, such as organized crime. Through his book, The Enemy Within, he warned people about the increasing danger of organized crime in t...

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...idential Nomination. His campaign sought to destroy the wide gap between the poor and rich and older and younger generations (“Biography: RFK,” n.d.). This made a vital impact on those who felt the government should be involved in every day life. People rallied around Kennedy in support.
Just four months after announcing his determination for nomination, Kennedy was shot and killed on June 5th, 1968. He was shot just after he won California’s democratic primary. He left behind a pregnant wife and ten children. (“Biography: RFK,” n.d.)
During Robert Kennedy’s lifetime he made an enormous impact on the lives of the rich, poor, African Americans, whites, immigrants and many more. He was able to set precedence through his strong leadership and sense of duty to our nation. His accomplishments have helped shape the United States into the great nation that it is today.

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