Essay about Robert D. Dale Pastoral Leadership

Essay about Robert D. Dale Pastoral Leadership

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The author of Pastoral Leadership, Robert D. Dale, lays out everyday guidance for those in ministry. Formerly being a teacher at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and having written at least 14 books, Dale gives great insight. This book printed by Abingdon press, can be bought for less than $30. With about that many years in experience, it 's well worth the price.
Within the first chapter, Dale looks at necessary foundations for being a leader. He mentions that leaders are: visionaries, imaginative, risk takes, and interestingly knowers of when to follow. Caring for your followers and being a servant will help leaps and bounds. Jesus said: "But the greatest among you shall be your servant." (Mt 23:11). Concerning this and the big picture, Dale gives three things a leader must do: proclaim, care, and lead. The chapters are designed to stand alone. While that may be helpful, it also invites repetition of thoughts.
Then the author delves in further with this aspect of servanthood. He looks at various examples form the Old Testament and from the New Testament. While there were Kings under the old covenant, they were just as much in subjection to God 's Laws as were the people. The Judges, Prophets, and Sages also knew the great God they served. Even if every man has his say, the Lord will have his way at the end of the day. Briefly looking at the New Testament, he mentions Elders and Deacons. Certainly Elders care for the flock as a servant would. Deacons in the Greek literally means: "servant." Jesus, being our best example of a servant, is shown to be one even during his temptations. Dale mentions the "pleasure principle," "power principle," and the "parade principle." Jesus even took the servant route...

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...insight into this reveals he 's really "been there." Agreeing on communication rules, and even sitting in a circle to avoid a "us verses them" mentality are wise.
Through chapter 14 through 18, Dale looks at a life specifically for the minister. Mentioning such things as: transitions, disciplines, avoiding burnout, family, and career advancement. Several of these chapters could have been boiled into one and stated as: "Love God, and love your neighbor."
The book all in all is put together very well. While I disagree on a few points such as: "The Bible and hymnal are Christianity 's two basic books." (Dale 87) and "Females in ministry, therefore, typically find mentorships somewhat more difficult to develop than male ministers." (Dale 230). Nonetheless, it 's a worthy read for anyone preaching God 's word, and especially for those just starting into ministry.

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