Essay about Robert Bruce Shaw 's Leadership Blindspots

Essay about Robert Bruce Shaw 's Leadership Blindspots

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Robert Bruce Shaw, in his book Leadership Blindspots: How Successful Leaders Identify and Overcome the Weaknesses That Matter (Jossey-Bass, April 2014), explains the most common blindspots he has seen while working as an executive coach for many professionals. Shaw noticed that unseen weaknesses occur in four areas: self, team, company, and markets. In this book, Shaw is trying to help leaders identify weaknesses, threats and other vulnerabilities that can negatively impact a leader 's effectiveness, results, and career. Shaw explains how blindspots work and why they persist, but also provides techniques for identifying them and taking action before they create lasting damage. This book provides some insight into how a clearly good decision made at some time can end up being a killer decision in the end. Shaw shows how good judgment is built on bad judgment, which means that you learn mainly as a result of your mistakes. According to Shaw 's experience, mistakes may happen everywhere within a company or organization, including those made at the top level. Mistakes happen for a variety of reasons, including a lack of adequate information at the time the decision was made and, in the end, simply a wrong choice made by the leader.
Shaw identifies as blindspots the unrecognized weaknesses or threats that have the potential to impair the leader 's success. He strongly suggests that most leadership failures are due to "black swan events" that are outside the leader 's control, while some failures are the result of situational blindness. Shaw argues that it is very complicated for leaders to balance actions when dealing with two conflicting needs. The leader’s first need is to act with confidence in his/her capabilities and...

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...f additional readings for leaders. These resources are designed to assess the leader and to identify and remediate blindspots using a collection of additional readings. The endnotes are detailed and offer an excellent resource for the reader to do further research in, and evaluation of, their own blindspots.

Leadership Blindspots is an excellent book that is clear, straight-to-the-point, and thoroughly researched and supported. Most importantly, it is honest in its evaluation of leadership performance issues and helpful in its offering of possible solutions. I highly recommend that any type of leader read this book for. It will help him/her stop and think a little longer before taking a decision that may not be the best in the end. Moreover, it is a good read for any individual who wants to discover the practices and challenges of being a valuable leader.

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