Robert B Smith And Mary Ann Baeinnger Essay

Robert B Smith And Mary Ann Baeinnger Essay

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Men and woman are faced educational discrepancies, both author Robert B Smith and Mary Ann Baeinnger outline this in their work. Women are leading educationally, and men are slowly trailing behind, this is agreed among both authors. Smith and Baeinnger, both establish that there is a problem but it the authors differ in establishing what the focal problem is. Smith makes the point that men are the main issue, however Baeinnger’s establishes that while women have a track record of academic success in college they are not offered the success post college they deserve. This is a cause of gender role, and the idea that one sex is guaranteed access while the other had to work harder to gain it(Baeinnger 2014 p.256).
Saving the “Lost Boys” of higher education by Robert B. Smith, expresses the need for action to save underachieving males. Smith expresses, boys are indeed without the help they need, and they will continue to decline in academically. “Women sailed past men obtaining both bachelors and advanced college degrees”(Smith 2014 p.253) If men continue going down the path of underperforming it can lead to a shift in how modern society works. The passage uses the example of many men living home with their parents and depending on a woman to express the potential outcomes of the lack of increase in male success.
The idea of men being well educated and choosing to stay home, and take care of the children is not the issue at hand (Smith 2014 p.253). The troubling issue is the underperformance plaguing ' young men, and the lack of external help to fix the issue (Smith 2014 p.253). While there has been a proposal to the White House Council that could potentially verbalize the concerns to young men, there seems to be a lack of intere...

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...d with an excerpt of a children’s movie, Peter pan (p.252). This excerpt allows the audience to pair the male inefficiency with something they are already familiar with. This turns into an extended metaphor resulting in considering the boys to be the “lost boys”. Another stylistic different between the two works is, smith write his paper completely away from using personal pronouns, while Baeinnger uses personal pronouns through the passage.
While the two passage differ, they maintain similar elements. It is agreeable from both authors that women are becoming increasingly more powerful academically. Men on the other hand are falling well behind, and need help. Both of these pieces of evident are portrayed in different ways, with different focuses but overall they both get the same message across. Boys are lost and women are succeeding, with nothing to show for it.

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Robert B Smith And Mary Ann Baeinnger Essay

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