Rob Ford in the Canadian Media Essay

Rob Ford in the Canadian Media Essay

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Rob Ford in the media
Rob Ford has been in the spotlight of Canadian media ever since the allegations have surfaced about a video of the Toronto Mayor smoking crack cocaine. This story gained international attention while even drawing on the Mayor for comic relief. American newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, along with Canadian newspapers, The Globe and Mail and Toronto Sun each have a unique target audience whom they are writing for. As a result of the intended audience each newspaper includes diction and style relevant for the target audience.
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article, “‘Ford Nation’ Sticks by Toronto Mayor, So Far”, written by Ben Dummett, summarizes the current Rob Ford situation starting from when he admitted to smoking crack and the repercussions of these actions. Dummett gives background information on the City of Toronto, Ford’s supporters, and political career including highlights of Fords political gains such as ending vehicle-registration tax and curbing spending and taxes through such programs as garbage collection privatization. Dummett also discusses the public’s decline in support for Ford and the backlash from councilors at city hall.
WSJ is typically targeted toward middle age professionals making six figures a year, executive business management professionals, along with recent college and university graduates (MediaMetrix). The diction used is clear, formal, and avoids slang. The article incorporates language, which an educated, business professional would be more inclined to use in comparison to the language an uneducated, low-income individual would choose. For example the article begins with, “Ford’s admission that he had smoked crack cocaine unleashed a firestorm of criticism and led Toro...

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...prepared to soldier on as the city’s “lone wolf” mayor”. This quote depicts the type of language used, which is not formal, or shows a high level of professionalism. As a result of the commonly used diction this article is directed at everyone, yet mostly individuals that would pick up the Sun are not the top management executives or the cities top earners whom are looking for a unique and well throughout argument. Rather individuals whom are looking for an easy read possibly on the bus or subway after work.
Rob Ford has been the center of scandal, while newspapers and media networks around the world have reported on the Toronto Mayors less then professional actions in the public eye. Newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Sun have reported on the story while during style and diction which reflect their target audiences.

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