The Road Of Becoming A Great Teacher Essays

The Road Of Becoming A Great Teacher Essays

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The Road to Becoming a Great Teacher

Every teacher has their strong points as well as weak points. Teaching is very hard work and some of them never grow to be anything better than mediocre. They do the bare minimum and very little over and above the call of duty. There are several ways to become a great teacher. Teachers are truly dedicated workers who put a lot of time and schooling into being able to teach for the rest of their lives.
There are several main characteristics that every teacher needs to have to be a great teacher. A great teacher respects students(Orlando,Web). In every teachers classrooms, every students opinions and ideas are highly valued. Students need to be able to feel safe to fully express their feelings and thoughts to learn more about the subject. They also need to respect and listen to each other as technical co-workers. This teacher creates a welcoming learning environment for all students(Orlando,Web). A welcome and safe learning environment is a huge key to the success of many students. Some learn at a different pace and it is very important that they feel welcome and understood by the teacher themselves.
Great teachers work tirelessly to create a challenging and nurturing environment. The more student-friendly the work environment is, the better the students do in their daily work. To be an exceptional teacher, these people need to develop the correct amount of skills rather than knowledge of the subject they are teaching. It is just as important to develop strong relationships with the students in order for them to learn as much as possible(Orlando,Web).
A great teacher makes a feel of community and welcoming in the classroom. The mutual respect in the teachers classroom provides a suppor...

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...ay be awarded a master’s degree after completing either type of program.
All in all, teaching is a great career to be involved in. It is challenging, but all so rewarding. To be able to teach young minds for the rest of your life, you just cannot put a price on that. Teachers are very dedicated and spend a lot of time to be able to call themselves a certified teacher. They go through countless hours of schooling and education to be where they are today. to be a great teacher you must be able to have patience and be able to work well with others.

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