Essay on The Road For The Poor Stricken Blue Collared City

Essay on The Road For The Poor Stricken Blue Collared City

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Neighborhoods with boarded-up rundown row homes and pot hole riddled streets. Children at play, jumping rope, only to briefly retreat to the side of the road for the occasional passing car. The community playground littered with plastic bags and discarded needles. In the distance, the frequent sound of police sirens muddled with the daily commute of traffic noises. Nearly every alternating intersection actively being patrolled by a disheveled pan-handler. The neon lights of a corner convenience store advertising in bright, flashing letters that food stamps are accepted This is not a scene from an impoverished third world country; instead, the route my bus took every afternoon on my way back home from school. As a kid, I grew up on the west side of Baltimore, a poverty-stricken blue-collared city. It was there, I developed an unwavering commitment to care for the sick and less fortunate. Past experiences have nurtured my personal growth and desire to promote health and well-being as a way of extending a hand to those in need.
Muhammad Ali once said, "Service to others is the rent you pay to room here on earth", which has resonated with me since my adolescent years. To me, there is no better platform to serve others than being a physician, though the road to becoming one has been far from easy. I am not following a long tradition of physicians in the family before me, nor was the cost of medical school a burden easily overcome. In fact, I am the first member of my family to attend college. As such, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue a lifelong dream in a career that combines several aspects of the greatest human characteristics; nurturing deep interpersonal connections with compassion, empathy and integrity for the we...

... middle of paper ... with more fortunate circumstances.
I believe an ideal residency program will challenge me academically by pushing me to enhance my critical thinking and diagnostic skills. I plan to embark on a journey of lifelong learning and gain the knowledge needed to practice safe and effective medical care as a compassionate and competent internist. I have been blessed with the opportunity to partake in such a rewarding profession and I eagerly look forward to doing everything I can effectively contribute to this rewarding field. My enthusiasm, diligence, and curiosity will help me succeed and progress as a physician. As a genuine, reliable, and hardworking team member, I will bring with the highest energies and enthusiasm to your residency program. I have no doubt, the best is yet to come. *The name has been changed in the narrative to protect the identity of the patient.

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