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‘Like father, like son ' is a phrase known widely among people. It means that fathers and sons resemble each other, and sons tend to do what fathers did before them. Children who are in their learning stage, mostly aged about two to three years old, spend most of their time with their parents. Children learn how they should behave or act by looking and mimicking their parents. By doing that, children are becoming one step closer to becoming like their parents. In both books, The Road and Fun Home, as the stories get closer to the final chapter, the children develop their identity similar to their father. However, the children in both texts develop their father-like identity in a different way. In The Road, the father continually teaches his son the ways to become a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world just like as mentioned above about the parent 's influence on the child. On the other hand, in Fun Home, Alison finds out her identity by herself and later told by her mother that she is homosexual just like her father Bruce.
In the beginning of the book The Road, the child was very much different from his father. While his father was prepared for the survival, the child was ignorant about the apocalyptic world. He was vulnerable most of the time. However, the son was eager to help others who desperately needed the hand. Even though it is righteous action to help people, the father made him not to take such actions due to possibilities of putting them in danger. "He was as burnt looking as the country, his clothing scorched and black. One of his eyes was burnt shut and his hair was but a nitty wig of ash upon his blackened skull. As they passed, he looked down. As if he 'd done something wrong. His shoes were bound up with wire and...

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... the whole story, Alison became like his father and was not made by the father himself.
In conclusion, the both texts have the character who becomes like his father. They embrace father-like similarity, but in a different way. In The Road, the son 's identity as a survivor is developed by his father. The father continuously tells him to set his own survival methods to become like him. Before the son was taught, he was vulnerable in the post-apocalyptic world. Without his father, the son could not survive an apocalyptic world. The father had a lot of impact on his son to become a survivor like him. In contrast to The Road, Alison from Fun Home develops her identity by herself. She goes through feminist literature and joins a gay union, she became a lesbian. Even though they lived a different life, she was surprised to know that she shared things in common with Bruce.

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