The Rms Titanic Was The Speed That It Was Sailing Essay

The Rms Titanic Was The Speed That It Was Sailing Essay

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The RMS Titanic was an Olympic-class ocean liner that set sail on April 10, 1912. It was billed the largest and fastest passenger liner of its time. Compared to previous ocean liners it was massive. It stood 175 ft. and was 882 ft. long. The name Titanic came from Greek mythology, and means gigantic. The Titanic had ten decks, eight of which were for passenger use. There were around 885 crew members on board. There were 2,224 passengers some of which were the most prominent and rich of the time. This makes the total on board 3,327 people. Four days into her voyage, she hit an iceberg. The collision caused holes that allowed five of the lower compartments to fill with water. It was two hours after the wreck that the ship began to sink. This wreckage of this tragedy has since been investigated by the British and American governments. There are several causes of the Titanic Disaster.
The first cause of the Titanic disaster was the speed that it was sailing. The Titanic was going twenty-two knots, which is approximately twenty-six miles per hour. That is only two knots less than top speed for a ship that size. It was Captain E.J. Smith’s last voyage before his retirement. This may have caused his eagerness to stay on schedule. The publicity surrounding Titanic’s maiden voyage could have played a part in Captain’s decision to sail at such a high speed. The Titanic could have missed the iceberg and avoided the collision if it had been sailing at a slower speed. At the twenty-two knots it was going it did not have enough time to turn away. At the time it was the largest and fastest ship in the sea. Captain Smith should have slowed the speed of the ship down given the icy weather conditions.
Speaking of weather, the second cause o...

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...l warning about the icebergs. The radio operator turned off the radio, after sending the warning, and went to bed. It was around midnight when the crew on duty aboard the Californian reported seeing rockets coming from the Titanic. The captain was informed, but assumed the large ship was having a party and ignored the rockets. They would have heard the distress signals of the Titanic if their radio had been on.
In conclusion, there were many causes for the Titanic to sink. Most of these reasons could have avoided and many lives could have been saved. There were a total of sixty-eight percent of the people on board who died in this tragedy. That leaves only thirty-two percent of the people were saved. If the Titanic had enough lifeboats and they were filled, or, if the Captain had not ignored the warnings about the icebergs maybe the voyage would have been a success.

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