Essay about Rivers West by Louis L´Amour

Essay about Rivers West by Louis L´Amour

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Louis L’Amour was born Louis Dearborn LaMoore on March 22, 1908 as the last of seven children. His father and mother are Dr. Louis Charles LaMoore and Emily Dearborn LaMoore, for the first fifteen years of his life Louis lived in Jamestown, North Dakota; a medium sized farming community in the valley where Pipestem Creek flows into the James River. His grandfather, Abraham Truman Dearborn, told Louis stories of battles in history and his own personal experiences as a soldier. As a child Louis spent a great deal of time in a nearby library where his eldest sister, Edna, was a librarian, he was interested in the study of History and always went beyond the scope that was taught in the schools. In addition to the study of History and Natural Sciences, Louis was interested in the fiction writings of Robert Louis Stevenson, Jack London, Edgar Rice Burroughs and others. The members of the L’Amour family were intelligent and had a part in Louis’ education. Emmy Lou, his sister, taught him how to read, his father taught him about animals, taught him the benefit hard work and the fact that “a man could always find a way to solve a problem”. The basics of learning he got from his mother who had once trained to be a schoolteacher, and from Edna he got insights into libraries and research. His elder brother Parker provided examples of a reporter’s speed and simplicity of prose and the public relations savvy of a veteran political aid. Yale, his second brother, showed Louis a love of life and a gift of improvisation. Louis’ adopted brother John was an example of a natural survivor, quick of wit and sharp of tongue. Hard times uprooted the family from their everyday lives and the family, the father, mother, Louis and john, had to take their fort...

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...tory line was very good. It had good imagery right from the start; in all the scenes in the book one can visualize the surroundings and feel what the characters feel. When Talon found the dying man “a head lifted from the water. A strained white face…gasping, pleading, reaching out (5)” the desperation of the man is felt in the diction used. When Talon and Macklem fight the tension in the room is palpable, it says, “there was the pound of rushing feet on the deck outside. A cannon roared again (150)” it sounds almost like the fast beating of a heart and the beating becoming louder. The fact that this scene is crucial is evident in the method it is written.

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