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‘Δεκαεπτα Παλια καλοκαιρια’ is a special occasion amongst the people of Dasoda-hae Tribe (Dasoda-hae Translates to Red Sleeves).

History of Dasoda-hae Tribe, Their Religion and Culture,

Dasoda-hae people are a small group of people that are Native American that are descendants of the Apache people. They are a very small group of people due to invasion by European most of their land is gone and there are only about 31,000 of them left they can be found in Arizona.

The Dasoda-hae people religion and culture is based on shamanism. They believe in Ussen a Spirit God witch is main part of their life. Some people who are very lucky again connection witch is mostly referred to the ‘Whisper of Ussen’ or ‘The gift of Ussen’. Ussen guides the people of Dasoda-hae. They also believe that the land they live on is the land of Ussen and that Ussen whispered to them to come.

Use of Land and Respect for Nature.

Since the land they live is belongs to Ussen they do not mistreat the land by digging it up or harming they use only what they need and do not fall into greed by digging up precious beauties of nature that belong to the land e.g. gold, diamonds ect.

History Of The Ceremony ‘Δεκαεπτα Παλια καλοκαιρια’

Originally ceremony take place when a Male or Female is about 17 summers old (17 year old). The male has to have gone through some sort of training e.g. hunter, warrior or shaman is they have the gift of Ussen. The female has to have gone through some sort of training e.g. Hunter, Warrior, craft making, berry gathering, cooking or shaman if they possess the gift of Ussen. Also they have to have some level of spiritual maturity.

This would take place at the winter (end of the year) and it would be all the people in the tribe who have become 17 during the year. Everyone in the tribe would be gathered around and the 17 year old would be lined up in front of the chief (head of the tribe). Each of them would be presented with them a question which is ’What path would you lead’.

It is very rare for a female to chose the path of a Warrior or a Hunter as most tended to lead a path as a Mother and bring life to the world of Ussen.

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Some also choose to take the path of a spiritual healer. Females with the gift of Ussen have the choice to become a Shaman.

Men tend to have a very limited choice their choice is to either become a Warrior, Hunter, Spiritual Healer or Shaman(if they have the gift of Ussen).

Their parents have no power over their child’s decision it is completely up to them to decide. After this ceremony it marks that they now have total freedom.

That is how it is Traditionally done.
How The Ceremony Is Done In The Modern Day

Today for the Dasado-hae people who live in a modern day society the ceremony is very differently done. Now a days not all Dasado-hae people live in the land of Ussen (due to many conflict with Mexicans and Spaniard). That is why it is very rare for their to be Shamans now a days. Many Dasado-hae people live in big cities.

Over the year there is no longer need for Hunter & Warrior. So the path they choose is simply what career path they want to lead. It can be anything that a person desires but it has to have Ussen approval so usually a Shaman is called to ask for his approval.

Their Parent, Relatives or Cares have no choice over their decision on what path they lead, unless it is a path Ussen does not like then the parents/cares have a choice to object to his or her path.

The occasion is still done when they reach 17 but they do not have full freedom until the laws says so it depends on the country and their laws (commonly 18).

Family member gather around and present the 17 year old with a gift. Traditional food is served and many men smoke tobacco out of a pipe.

The 17 year old is presented with the question by the oldest person in the family present (commonly one of the parents, parents).

Why is it Important to have this Ceremony at this Age

The importance of having the ceremony at 17 is because usually by this age a child knows if they have the power of ussen or not. Also in the times when the Dasado-hae people lived together 17 summer markes how many years the people spent wandering around America waiting for the special child who has the whisper and gift of Ussen.

Similarities to Other Ceremony

Ceremonies like this are done everyday but no so religiously or traditionally. For example in Russ in Norway, is celebration that marks students who graduate from upper secondary school. In Australia Schoolies (leaver) are given a week holiday.

Sweet Sixteen, (or Quinceañera for the Spanish speaking-world) are party held for girl(recently boy as well) to have a party at the age of 16(15 for Spanish Speaking-world). More religiously in Judaism Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a marking ceremony for Jewish boys and girls when they reach a spiritual maturity.

Important Thing Someone Can Gain when 17

***In Australia it is the age at which one may obtain a drivers licence other than learners permit (which may be obtained at age 16).

***In the United States, the age at which one may view R-rated movies without a parent's.

***In the United States, the age at which one may purchase M-rated video games according to ESRB ratings.

***In Ireland and the United Kingdom, the age at which one may drive a car.

***In the United States, the minimum age at which you can donate blood in most states.
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