Essay on Rites of Passage Ceremonies

Essay on Rites of Passage Ceremonies

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As children we wished to grow up and become an adult sooner so we can have more rights, but the way to adulthood varies with different cultures. Since different cultures have different ways of becoming an adult the meaning of being an adult is different. A person leaves childhood and enters adulthood in many ways there are cultural, religious, or social events. A common way in many cultures is by a rite of passage or ceremonies; a rite of passage is a ritual or event that shows that a person is now an adult. A rite of passage usually reflects certain things that are important in a culture such as values, and beliefs. Rites of passage can be described as specifications that need to be met and occur around the same time as things such as puberty, and marriage. Common types of these ceremonies are usually found in religion; some examples of these ceremonies include baptism, and a Bat Mitzvah. All of these things are considered rites of passage for a person to become an adult in their respective religions.
Like discussed earlier Catholics and Christians believe that the Conformation, and Baptism matures the soul and helps people reach adulthood. Baptism usually occurs at a very young age but is not bound by a person’s age. In Baptism, water is used to purify and symbolizes the washing away of sins. It is also described a person being born again because the cleansing of a person with water symbolizes the death and rebirth of that person. Also, when a person becomes baptized they accept God and have faith in God and all his teachings. Confirmation is like a continuation of Baptism because the faith in God of that person is confirmed. Along with confirming one’s faith confirmation gives a person more responsibilities. A large part of bei...

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