Essay about The Risks Outweigh Its Costs

Essay about The Risks Outweigh Its Costs

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You slowly begin to ascend the giant drop on that roller coaster that you were afraid of as a kid. Closer, and closer, until you finally reach the top. Then all of a sudden... “Hey, Wake up. You need to be doing your work.” Sound familiar? Sometimes you just zone out or daydream whether you are in the middle of class or riding in your car. Sometimes you just can’t control it. For example, you could be studying for a test, the next moment you are talking to a shark wearing a fedora on Mars. Without daydreaming sometimes class would just not be, class. We just have so much to do, we can’t be bored anymore. This means, that without boredom means that there will be no daydreams. Many people in the world believe that you should be bored more often because it can help you daydream more often and it can help make good decision making. Although, they might believe that boredoms benefits outweigh its costs, I believe that the risks outweigh the rewards.
First of all, boredom can cause anxiety, it is not all what it seems. People around the world say that boredom helps the brain. There is one problem with that fact. This fact is not false, but it is misleading. Boredom may be good for exercising your brain, but in extreme cases, boredom can lead to drug abuse. Studies show that teens who do not know how to cope with boredom are more likely to abuse drugs. Then, the article goes on to say that is why we should practice boredom, to cope with it. What if the teen(s) already can’t cope with boredom? Wouldn’t they be likely to abuse drugs because they are bored? I understand what the article is trying to convey to us, but if a teen can’t cope with boredom and then you tell them to be bored to practice coping with it, then wouldn’t that techni...

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...oncentrate.” Studies have shown that boredom can help you concentrate. Once again, people are out there who can’t cope with boredom. These people are at risk of making bad decisions. If you had the choice, would you choose to concentrate or would you choose to make bad decisions? Bad decision making can lead to drug abuse which is another factor of being bored.
The next time that you are on that big roller coaster, just remember, if you keep it up bad things could happen. Some people might tell you that boredom is good for you, but remember all the risks that you are at if you decide to listen. There is so much in our world that can keep you from being bored. Thanks to the corporations that made all the toys and games a reality. Maybe you can be the next CEO of a big corporation that can prevent people from being bored and help save an individual from a dark future.

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