Essay on The Risks Of The Internet

Essay on The Risks Of The Internet

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Internet is the main source which connects all the computers around the world. It seems like it has became one of the part in our life. People often use it to exchange files and e-mails, to surf the websites, to download movies, songs, working on application programs etc, to send messages and what not. These internet services can be used from a small kid to old people and they often use it a source to communicate with the people around them. This makes huge difference in one 's life by using these internet services in different purpose .Internet do have many advantages, but there are also many disadvantages which affecting children and it should not be used by them without parental control or adult supervision. These are many outsources for the child offenders through this internet services in making the innocent people getting into trouble.
Risks of the Internet:
By using the internet services, children are getting exposed to different kinds of content. In most of the cases, all are exposed to abusive content like sexually explicit things and violence. Most of the time all the childrens are being exposed accidentally in one way or the other way. For Example, children or teenagers do have their own email accounts using for their study purpose. While they are using the internet services, many spammers make these people as target and send all the spam mails containing most of the abusive content. So at this point, by looking at these mails with abusive content, these is a possibility to get attracted to that sexually adult content and creates some interest in watching them. Then this will be the worst case in a child life getting into the explicit content. Being a victim to these content in the internet, there...

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Parents should be aware of the risks caused by the internet services and make sure that their childrens doesn 't fall as a victim to the sex-offenders and getting into trouble. Computers must be monitored and children must be supervised under the adults or parents in using the internet. They should guide the children in a way that they better use the computer related to their study purpose. Computer must not be placed in the private rooms and should keep an eye on the usage activities of their children related to internet activities.

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