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The Risks of Tanning Essay examples

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Self image is an important thing to many people, but is it worth all the risks? In the year 2012, 8,650 died of melanoma cancer, every person that has or have used an indoor tanning bed is at a 74% higher risk of getting melanoma than those who have never tanned before (“Skin Cancer Foundation”). Tanning beds were actually accidentally invented; they were first made to give more vitamin D to people who could not get enough by being outside. This lamp, which was used to help the people who needed vitamin D, soon became something used mainly for boosting peoples thoughts on their own self appearance. Shockingly, in the past, being tan was not looked as to be a good thing like in today’s culture. Being tan most commonly meant that they were the lower class, and worked outside all the time. If anything, people wanted a pale skin tone. Tanning is very different today compared to in the past and and it is a never ending argument among people.
Throughout the history of tanning, it has evolved a lot. In today’s world tanning beds have become very popular and common with teens and even older people. According to “”, the first form of tanning was a lamp invented in Germany during the 1900’s ("Tanning Truth”). The main purpose for tanning lamps were to help people who did not get enough vitamin D in their body. Throughout the years, tanning was taken to a whole new level. People in the past became tan to actually help their health and get more vitamins, while today it is proven that tanning affects your health in a negative manner. When actual tanning beds came about they were very different from today's tanning beds. “These original American tanning beds were not developed with the technology that we now see t...

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...rength of the bed in which one uses both play a huge part in the risks you are putting your body in.

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