The Risks of Cosmetic Surgery Essay

The Risks of Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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Are you aware of the risks and disadvantages of cosmetic surgery? Cosmetic surgery can be very risky and dangerous if you are not aware of the outcomes. If you are thinking of going through a procedures you need to do a lot of research of what the pros and cons of the procedure you are about to undergo. Cosmetic surgeries are done all over the world and the pricing varies depending on the surgeons, and it can be very expensive. The outcome of the surgery won’t always come to what you wanted but still you have to pay the price. Not only that you have to leave with it and you will want another procedure which you’ll have to pay another amount of money. Why go through all that when? We should be happy with who we are and appreciate what you have.
Cosmetic surgeries are being done all over the world and sometimes we tend to forget how much the price is or what the disadvantages are. These are all because we want to look better or because we want to fit in. Remember that if you are not accepted in a group of friends, you do not want to be part of it. You need to find some other friends who will accept you as you are. You do not need to go through surgeries to fit in.
Cosmetic procedure can cost a lot which some people can be in deep debt just to get the surgeries. The procedures are not for every body and there are a lot of ways you can improve how you look without undergoing the surgeries.
In cosmetic surgery, it could hurt physically. The side affects can lead to skin irritation or worse. Hykra (2005) reports that depending on the procedure and the area in which the plastic surgery is done, dangers include apparent tissue damage, abnormal looking features, nerve or sensory damage, discoloration of the skin, destruction of tissu...

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... and can occur after breast augmentation, liposuction or a tummy tuck.
As stated above cosmetic surgeries are very risky and dangerous. Do all the research you can to fully understand what you need to understand about the procedure you are about to undergo. Don’t live life with pains and regrets because you did not understand what you are about to go through. Try to stay away from it if you can but if not do all the research. Study what you can and cannot have and what the surgeons can do and what type of licenses they have. There are a lot of crooked people out there and they can fool you. You don’t need to live with regrets all your life. Remember cosmetic surgery is very addictive and if you are not satisfied with the first outcome you will try again. Appreciate what you have and be thankful for who you are. Live happily and just be thankful that you are living.

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