Essay on Risks Are A Part Of The Human Experience

Essay on Risks Are A Part Of The Human Experience

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In risk
Risks are a part of the human experience. People are used to having risks in their lives, and they usually, and unconsciously, take many risks on a daily basis. However, there are huge risks that may cause anxiety and stress. As a consequence, and between these two extremes life experiences, occur with various amounts of risk. Therefore, by facing and taking these risks they are not to be considered unusual experiences, but rather those involved in such are often time effected in a deep way as a result of what they have endured. Relatively, I can speak from personal experience due to the different types of risks that I have encountered this semester.
First, huge risks that I feel are capable enough to affect me significantly, would be: the death of a relative or a friend, getting seriously injured, and failing some classes. These are the difficult risks that I am vulnerable to, since the death of a relative or a friend is an emotionally difficult experience. It would effect every aspect of my life in very harsh way. Also, getting a serious injury is also a difficult experience, which is hard to overcome, since there is no one who is able to take care of me for long periods of time. However, and with some confidence, it seems less problematic than losing a relative or a friend. Failing classes will make me vulnerable of losing my scholarship, and will make me spend more time in pursuing my bachelor’s degree. Overall, these three risks are considered to be harsh, yet it’s likely of occurrences are low, since losing a relatives or friends, and getting injured is not a predictable event, but also are not frequent events to happen. Moreover, failing classes for me means giving up, and not working hard. Thus, the possibility of...

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... from it, but without the proper treatment it is a difficult thing to suffer through. Though, I am surrounded by many great people, depression still has its occurrences, it is still possible, although in low levels. Getting cold is also a sickness, but very different from depression, its occurrences is very possible because of the weather conditions, and because of the unhealthy food that I usually eat. I always try to supply myself with vitamins, but sometime it is still not good enough. Finally, being late for classes might be the result of the past reasons, but also can occur for many other reasons. I usually care about attendance, but in the mid-semester my time can become very limited, and missing classes can become more common. Though attending each class is very likely to save me from this risk, I still try my best not to skip or fail to show up to my classes.

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