Essay about The Risks And Benefits Of Genetically Modified Organisms

Essay about The Risks And Benefits Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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The Risks and Benefits of Genetically Modified Organisms
The utilization of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) is a relatively new process and the potential health, environmental risks, and benefits are still being tested and understood. Much still remains to be seen in the future as GMO’s are becoming more common in the foods made available to the consumer. There are many different controversies surrounding the use of genetically modified organisms and its use in foods in spite of the production and economic benefits promised. Environmental and health concerns worry the general public and negative claims on GMO’s seed success prove there are opposing views on the use of modified organisms in farming.
The creation and use of GMO’s in food products have sought to fill a void where conventional farming practices have fallen short for many years. The Health and Safety Executive, a British governmental health and safety group, defines GMO’s as an “organisms whose genes have been artificially altered to modify their characteristics in some way or another” (What Are GMO’s, n.d.). As scientists are able to manipulate the traits of a plant by modifying the seed on a cellular level, the notable characteristics of the plant can be permanently altered. “The aim of GM is often to introduce a new or altered characteristic to the target organism” (What Are GMO’s, n.d.). By altering the DNA of a specific type of cell within a seed, scientists were able to create a plant with desirable traits that may better suit the specific needs of the producer. Scientists have been able to produce such traits as disease and drought resistance in plants that have difficulty growing in certain environments. By enabling the crop to produce high yields in har...

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...y have some positives outcomes associated with economic and production rates but also some potentially negative effects associated with their use. Many of the desirable and beneficial traits that scientists have bred into modified plants have been alleged to create more environmental damage than their benefits suggest. In addition to environmental risks, it is also suggested that the genetic modification of many organisms that are ingested by humans have detrimental effects on human health (Genetically Engineered Foods, 2015). It is important that with the continued use of these genetically modified organisms that their effects on human health and the environment are monitored. If these organisms prove to have negative effects and are not providing as were intended to, the use of genetically modified organisms in farming and food production should be reevaluated.

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