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Risk Profile of Aflatoxin Essay

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Aflatoxin is a kind of mycotoxins, and mycotoxin is referring to all toxins produced by fungi. About 30 years ago, 100000 turkeys were poisoned and dead in Britain, when Aflatoxin was found (HKSAR, 2011). Aflatoxicosis is the disease caused by the consumption of substances or foods contaminated with Aflatoxin, which causes abdominal pain, vomiting, hepatitis and (sometimes) death after acute exposure to high concentrations in food. Several high-profile epidemics have occurred in Eastern Africa in the past decade (Azziz-Baumgartner, 2005). Due to the mold toxin can cause serious impact on agricultural crops and human health, so has been closely watched. In a variety of mycotoxin known to human disease, the Aflatoxin is the most popular researched (HKSAR, 2011). The risk profile summarizes the existing scientific information and helps risk managers prioritize the various issues. The four objectives as a scientific foundation of this risk assessment consists are: Hazard Identification, Hazard Characterization, Exposure Assessment and Risk Characterization.
Hazard Identification Aflatoxins often occur in crops in the field prior to harvest. Post-harvest contamination can occur if crop drying is delayed and during storage of the crop if water is allowed to exceed critical values for the mold growth. Insect or rodent infestations facilitate mold invasion of some stored commodities. Aflatoxins are produced by at least three species of Aspergillus, A. flavus, A. parasiticus and A. nomius, and can occur in a wide range of important raw food commodities, including cereals, nuts, spices, figs and dried fruit (HKSAR, 2011). Aflatoxins are found occasionally in milk, cheese, peanuts, cottonseed, nuts, almonds, figs, spices, and a ...

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