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The Risk of Getting Osteosarcoma Essay example

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Osteosarcoma, also called Osteogenic Sarcoma, is the most common form of primary bone cancer. Osteosarcoma is a disease that is believed to not be transmittable from person to person, but it is thought that genetic changes can be inherited that can put a person more in risk. It is a cancerous disease that forms in the bones and can spread to other areas and organs of the body. Osteosarcoma is most prevalent in teenagers who are experiencing their growth spurts. No one has found a direct cause of this disease, but many believe that it is related to the fast growth rate of larger bones. This cancerous disease can be treatable and there are treatment plans available.
The areas of the body affected by Osteosarcoma are the bones. It can occur in any bone, but is most common on large bones in the areas that have a fast growth rate. The most common places for Osteosarcoma to occur are the shin by the knee, the thigh by the knee, the upper arm near the shoulder, and the hip. The cancerous bone disease can also spread onto any of the organs and spread throughout the body. The most common organ Osteosarcoma spreads onto is the lungs.
Osteosarcoma can affect anyone, but is most common in teenagers. The risk of Osteosarcoma is highest when teenagers are going through their growth spurts because it is linked to the rapid growth of the bones. Children who are tall for their age also have a higher risk of getting this bone disease due to the rapid bone growth. Osteosarcoma is more likely to occur in males than females because males tend to grow more, but females tend to develop this disease earlier than males because they usually hit their growth spurt or puberty first. Osteosarcoma tends to effect the African American population more than the ...

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