Risk Management : The Department Of Energy Essay

Risk Management : The Department Of Energy Essay

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Risk management (RM) programs are essential for enhancing corporate resiliency, increasing security, efficiency, and bolstering threat preparedness. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has been designated as the energy sector authority and is an extension of the NIPP (Energy SSP 2010). The Energy Sector has established six specific goals that are used in developing effective protective measures.
1) Establish situational awareness through timely and reliable information exchange among public and private partners.
2) Use risk management principles to introduce physical and cyber measures that enhance preparedness, security, and resilience.
3) Conduct emergency, disaster, and continuity planning to enhance reliability and response.
4) Define CI protection roles among Federal, State, local, and private partners.
5) Understand key interdependencies and integrate with other sectors to incorporate that knowledge into planning and operations.
6) Strengthen partner and public confidence in the sector’s ability to manage risk and implement effective, security, reliability, and recovery efforts (Energy SSP 2010, 8).

To successfully carry out these goals, the energy sector must coordinate with two Sector Coordinating Councils (SCCs); one for electricity and one for oil and natural gas. These private sector representatives will then adjust and apply ample resources if deemed necessary by the guidance and standards being pushed through by the SCC (Energy SSP 2010). The SCC represents essentially all of the energy community members in the scope of public sector involvement and is committed to working with government agencies towards refining sector goals (DHS 2013b, 16). This ultimately is what tailors the energy sector to specific standards ...

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...upply is targeted. The old saying “Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket” applies to the defense of energy assets.
Decision makers prioritize activities to manage CI based on: affected infrastructure criticality, cost of the activities, and potential for reducing the risk involved. Activities address two areas: multiple facets of risk and specific threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences of the infrastructure (DHS 2013b). This implementation involves three approaches: 1) Identify, Deter, Detect, Disrupt, and Prepare for Threats and Hazard; 2) Reduce Vulnerabilities; 3) Mitigate the consequences (NIPP 2013, 19). This assessment would depend on the potential consequences if the asset or system were to be compromised along with other factors such as cost analysis, likelihood of event, etc. Post disaster, critical assets would demand the majority of the attention,

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