Risk For Falls Hospitalized Patients Essay

Risk For Falls Hospitalized Patients Essay

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Different research article will be analyzed together with the appraised in an effective and proper manner would be discussed in this research paper. These research articles will focus on the specific evidence that supports the problem, and proposed solution. It should be noted down that from the analysis of different research article problem statement such as: At risk for falls hospitalized patients that would be represented in order to fully achieve the outcomes of this research paper.
Article: 1
Lowe, L. & Hodgson, G. (2012). “Hourly Rounding in a High Dependency Unit.” Nursing Standard, 27 (8), 35-40.
Summary of Article: This research article describes the benefits of hourly rounding for the patient safety in the health care organizations. Example, an hourly round is beneficial in order to reduce the frequency of falls as well as pressure ulcers.
Research Elements: This article is designed with descriptive design and secondary data method. The strength of this article is involvement of information about healthcare organization that is helpful for readers. It contains only healthcare related information that is not useful for readers with other field.
Outcomes: This rounding involves four P’s such as: pain, potty, position, possessions to remove the incidence of falls and pressure ulcers in a proper manner. In this way, the principles of hourly rounding play a vital role to reduce the patient injury in a significant way.
Significance to Nursing and Patient Care: in this research article the author also explains that, hourly rounding is helpful and more valuable to meet patient needs in an effective way (Lowe & Hodgson, 2012).
Article: 2
Brunswick, N. (2012). “A View of Nursing.” Canadian Nurse, 108 (7), 4-5.

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Outcome: According to this research article, organization should also develop and maintain relationship with the patient with socialism and professional.
Significance to Nursing and Patient Care: the quality of patient care can improve in a more adequate manner by using proper strategies and activities.
Base on the analysis and observation of different research article, it could be finalized that, in today’s challenging and the more complicated business environment, there are various health care organizations that are facing the issues related to patient care. The patient risk could be minimizing by using different effective strategies as well as practices. Health care organization should develop and implement such kinds of activities in effective and different ways. So, organizational efficiency could be maximized by reducing risk at all levels.

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