Essay on Risk Factors Of Premier As An International Business

Essay on Risk Factors Of Premier As An International Business

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Risk factors
Premier is an international business which has to face a variety of strategic, operational, financial and external risks.
Premier’s business, financial standing, results and reputation may be impacted by various risks. Not all of these risks are within the company’s control and the company may be affected by risks other than those listed below.
Clear responsibility
The Board is responsible for overall group strategy, acquisition and divestment policy, approval of major capital expenditure projects, corporate costs and significant financing matters and the management of risks. The Board recognises that risk is inherent across Premier’s operations, and all activities are subject to an appropriate review to ensure that risks are identified, monitored and if possible, managed.
Risk management process
Premier has an established business management system which includes an integrated risk management process for identifying, evaluating and managing risks faced by the group. This is based on each business unit and corporate function producing a risk matrix which identifies the key business risks – strategic, operational, financial and external – the probability of those risks occurring, their impact if they do occur and the actions being taken to manage those risks to the desired level. Risk acceptance and reduction objectives are defined with particular attention given to reducing them to as low as reasonably practicable. These risk matrices are updated on a regular basis and made available to the Executive Committee.
Key risks facing Premier, their potential impacts and our responses are outlined below. Effective risk management is critical to achieving our strategic objectives and protecting our assets, personnel and reput...

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...tion of property; cancellation of contract rights; and environmental regulations. It is difficult to predict the timing or severity of these occurrences or their potential effect. If such risks materialise they could affect the employees, reputation, operational performance and financial position of the group.
Joint ventures and partners
Inherently, oil and gas operations globally are conducted in a joint venture environment. Many of our major projects are operated by our partners. Our ability to influence our partners is sometimes limited, due to our small shares in major non-operated development and production operations. Non-alignment on various strategic decisions in joint ventures may result in operational or production inefficiencies or delay. Premier mitigates this risk by continuous and regular engagement of its partners in operated and non- operated projects.

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