Essay on Risk Factors Of Fear Of Falling

Essay on Risk Factors Of Fear Of Falling

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One of the leading causes of hospitalization and mortality in older people is the fear of falling or falling itself. Falling accounts for on average more than 2.5 million injuries treated in emergency rooms every year. Not to mention every 20 min an older adult dies from a fall, accounting for over 21,000 deaths in a year on average. This can get very costly; it is estimated to hit a high of $67.7 billion by the year 2020. Falling or the fear of falling not only leads to physical harm but also leads to mental distress in the elderly. The fear of falling can lead to things such as depression, anxiety, social isolation or even decreased physical activity that can later cause muscular dystrophy. Analysis of studies of the risk factors leading to fear of falling can help take preventative or precautionary measures for falling in older adults. Taking such measures aid in future high medical bills, mental distress, and increases chances of eliminating the fear of falling much as possible.

Objective: To identify risk factors of fear of falling in community-dwelling older adults
The Pubmed database was used for the five articles selected. The filters selected was academic journal articles that included full-text PDF in English ranging from 2011-2016.The keywords used was an academic journal, full text, older adults, fear of falling, risk factors, community-dwelling, and 2011-2016. The independent variables included risk factors of fear of falling; aging, gender, health status (both mentally and physically), and lifestyle choices. The dependent variable for these studies were fear of falling.
This review helps gather information on the study of the different risks factors studied associated with comm...

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...valence and correlates of fear of falling in Korean community-dwelling elderly subjects “in total, 76.6% of elderly Korean subjects had the fear of falling. Factors associated with an increased risk of fear of falling in elderly subjects were, in order from highest to lowest, previous experience of falling, experience of body pain, lower perceived health status, presence of depression, receipt of more doses of drugs per day for those receiving 1–2 or ≥3 doses of drugs per day, older age, female gender, dependence for instrumental activities of daily living, dependence for activities of daily living, and lower education level.” (Kim and Young-So 2013 Korea) The second to last article saw that “female sex and previous falls were predictors of persistent but not transient FOF.” (Oh-Park et al.,2011 America) The last article was showed the factors associated with FOF.

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