Risk and Fire Management Essay

Risk and Fire Management Essay

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Risks management refers to basically identifying possible threats that may hinder achievement of organizational objectives, and taking measures to deal with such threats in advance. Those measures aim at reducing the chances of the risk occurring or being ready to cater for consequences when the risk occurs. Risks present an element of uncertainty to the exposed unit Ashford (2008).
Fire and rescue service risk management aims at having precautionary measures for what might or might not happen. It is identifying and assessing possible threats or risks and designing strategies to face the risk. All organizations aim at maintaining holistic and corporate methods of improving the welfare of their staff and the safety of the general public. While doing this the costs are also considered since one of the common organization objectives is to maximize profits and growth. The strategies selected for risk and fire management should thus be cost effective. This is assessed in terms of the likelihood of the risk occurring and the impact if it occurs. Some risks have high likelihood of occurring but low impact even when they occur. Risk management objectives focus on health, safety, financial implications and loss control and minimization.
Fire and risk management plans set out strategies that will help prevent the occurrence of fires and mitigate the impacts if the fire occurs by responding immediately. Different organizations and countries have come up with fire management plans such as the Northumberland Fire and Rescue service. The plan aims at improving the community’s safety. The plan reflects on local needs and handling effectively the existing and the potential risks facing the community. Northumberland Fire and Rescue Services a...

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...ators measure whether goals set in organizations are achieved. Organizations need to have means to measure their performance. Setting goals and not following through to see if they are achieved would not help (Nascap, 2007).

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