Risk Analysis : California Place Apartments Essays

Risk Analysis : California Place Apartments Essays

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Risk Analysis
Berkeley Place Apartments is currently running on older hardware and personal computers. The servers end to be replaced and the software is schedule for upgrade. Firewalls need to be installed to protect the personal information of residents. Anti-virus software is currently expiring and needs to be renewal and vendor reevaluation. Physically access is out of scope for the project. It is imperative that Berkeley Place understand how each risk/threat will impact the cost of business and which level of the organization is impacted by each risk prior to the event happening.
Value of Assets
Berkeley Place apartments is currently valued at 18 million dollars. The assets of the community include18 apartment buildings (368 units), office complex compromised of 2 offices (each with laptop computer and laser printer), 2 leasing agent desk, 1 Xerox color copier and fax machine and Business Center with 3 personal computers and 2 Laser printers. In addition, information technology (IT) matters to business success because it directly affects the mechanisms through which they create and capture value to earn a profit (Drnevich & Croson, 2013). With the reliance on web-based application to manage and generate profit, Berkeley Place Apartment must properly utilizes, manage, and security their applications, infrastructure, and data. IT is thus integral to business-level strategy (Appendix E).
Understanding Security Risk
Security will always be a driving emphasis for the success of an organization. Detailed processes and procedures are required to mitigate the impact of security incidents. Security management provides a comprehensive overview of computer security and offers direction for improving business systems, procedures, and...

... middle of paper ...

...neman, 2012). The attack map clearly identifies the functions and paths that are potentially exercised in the execution flow of an attack, and therefore should be carefully analyzed and tested (Brenneman, 2012).
Backup and Security
Yardi requires the use of backup and security components for hardware, data, and application redundancy. This includes a backup server for the Yardi database server (Appendix C). It is imperative that Berkeley Place Apartment use backup devices for storing your database backup files. Since Yardi software products are Internet-based applications, good security practices also require the use of standard security hardware and software, such as firewalls and utilities for protection against computer viruses and spyware. Security configuration for hardware and applications is the responsibility of Berkeley Place Apartment and their employees.

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