Essay about Rising Rent Prices Nationwide And Job Growth

Essay about Rising Rent Prices Nationwide And Job Growth

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While both of the articles discussed economic issues, rising rent prices nationwide and job growth in San Diego, neither explicit discusses GDP. From this one must infer what the current rise in rent prices and job increases in San Diego would do to the GDP of the United States. It is important to understand the limitations of the data given seeing that San Diego is only 1 city in the entire country and is experiencing a higher growth rate than most cities and that many factors affect GDP not just rent prices. With these limitations taken into account consumption would more than likely go down. A higher monthly rent nationwide would restrict the amount of cash that individuals would have to spend on goods and services in the economy. However the second article discussed more jobs which in turn would allow for more people to be pumping money into the economy to help offset the lower amount of money being put in by people paying rent. Yet since the entire country isn 't experiencing the same growth as SAn Diego the consumption aspect in the GDP would go down due to people having less money to spend freely. Investments would likely be affected the same way as consumption seeing that people often invest when they have an excess of money. If rent prices are higher less people will have this excess of money to invest therefore the overall GDP would once again decrease. Once again this may be offset slightly by an increase in jobs and thus more people are able to invest, however as aforementioned investments usually come from when people have an excess of money and while these jobs are being added they might not necessarily translate into a massive excess of money for the workers and fuel the investments of the country. The government as...

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...ntioned in the article, these particular parts of the country would then become very attractive for potential workers such as myself. If the GDP is increasing at a steady rate and the economy is healthy, I would feel more inclined to invest my money and also to spend it on different goods and services therefore supporting the economy more and further solidifying the GDP. These factors cannot measure the quality of living in a country, however they can serve as indicators for the happiness/successfulness of a country. As an individual living in the United States I believe that the GDP, inflation, and unemployment can serve as a scale for not only economic success but also the happiness of many individuals. While I realize many other factors play into both of these, as a broad overview taking these into account is very important for any individual assessing a country.

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