The Rising Popularity Of Online College Classes Essay

The Rising Popularity Of Online College Classes Essay

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The surging popularity of online college classes is something that should not come as a surprise. In fact, it could be argued that this surge should have been obvious with the way that technology has become more relevant in our society. With the ability to go through the lessons in major college courses and the opportunity to receive college credit from the comfort of your own home, the option of taking online courses can be very tempting. However, I am not saying that we should get rid of college campuses altogether and do everything online. What I am saying is that a proper mix of both learning styles can benefit the education system in the long run. Both styles have their own pros and cons, so mixing them together could provide the best opportunity at maximizing the pros and minimizing the cons. I will look at the learning environment, the way the material is taught, and the way people interact to prove my point. By comparing the learning environment, the style of teaching the material, and the social factor, we will see that online classes and in person classes can and should be able to coexist in the educational environment.
To begin, we will look at online classes and see what they bring to the table. The online environment does not set a certain time to meet throughout the week. Instead, the student does their work at any location of their choosing if they can access the internet. In addition, the material is mostly pre-determined to be announced, prepared, and due on certain dates before the class begins. Subsequently, students can complete the work at their own pace. This can be very useful for students whose learning pace differ from their teachers as well as students who like to take learning into their own ...

... middle of paper ... points are considered, the idea of using both these formats makes a lot of sense. Using both styles allows you to benefit from the campus experience while you better equip yourself with modern-day technology as I emphasized earlier in this paper. Will there be one style that suits you better? I would assume that the answer would be ‘yes’ for most people. It still would not hurt to at least try utilizing both styles before committing to one. If you struggle to pass a class because of the differences in the new learning environment, then you can always go back to your preferred style and take the class again later in your academic career. However, learning how to succeed in both the online and the real world can be a tool that you can use to your advantage for the remainder of your life. That reason alone should encourage schools to embrace ‘Blended Learning’.

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