Essay about The Rising Issue Of Bullying

Essay about The Rising Issue Of Bullying

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The Rising Issue of Bullying
What is bullying? Bullying is undesirable, aggressive behavior amongst teens and adolescents in school. The conduct is recurring, or is likely to be repeated over time (“Bullying Definition”). Bullying has become very common in the United States, and is especially common in middle schoolers (Jen Christensen). While in grade-school, I was a victim of bullying. Bullying adversely impacted my life. Victimization is a serious offense that should not be taken lightly. States should pass anti-bullying laws because, bullying can have a negative impact on a victim’s health and self-esteem.
Bullying can be long-standing physical, verbal and emotional abuse (“Bullying”). Physical bullying is a serious issue which affects the victim and bully, as well as the students who observe the bullying. Bullying will often begin in a different form and then progress into physical violence. An annual bullying survey conducted across the United Kingdom indicates that 74 percent of people bullied, have, at some point been physically attacked ("Annual Bullying Survey 2015: Bullying Statistics 2015"). Physical bullying can include hitting, kicking, shoving and any other form of violence that can physically harm a victim (“Types of Bullying”). Verbal abuse is a form of bullying which is just as harmful as physical bullying. Verbal bullying occurs when a bully attempts to shame and/or humiliate the victim by using harmful words (“What is Verbal Bullying and How to Handle Verbal Bullies”). Verbal bullying is the most common type of bullying which also makes up about 77 percent of all students bullied across the United States. Out of the 77 percent of those bullied, 14 percent have a severe or bad reaction to the abuse (“School ...

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...intellectual and social growth. Psychologist Helene Guldberg expresses the opinion that is not a good idea for adults to invade an adolescents’ privacy by being inquisitive.
Acts of bullying can harm and affect a victim in many ways. Bullying can impact a victim psychologically and emotionally. Victimization can impact an individuals’ health and self esteem as well as the way that they perceive themselves. The debate over whether or not states should pass anti-bullying laws has become quite controversial. Some states have passed anti-bullying laws and have seen positive results, while others have seen little to no improvement. Bullying is a very sensitive subject that should be taken earnestly. Bullies should face the consequences of their actions and be punished. States should pass anti-bullying laws in order to promote good health, safety, and behavior of students.

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