Essay about The Rising Fear Of Muslims

Essay about The Rising Fear Of Muslims

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“Almost nine years after the horrific events of 9/11, Muslims are still being discriminated in America and in other Western countries because of their faith, traditions, and ethnicity” (Rahim 2010:1). Islamophobia is a term increasingly discussed as the fear of the Islamic faith still remains in many Western people. It can be defined as an attitude or behavior of hostility but also as having an irrational fear of Islam because of an incorrect violent stereotype to the entire religion. (Ciftci 2012, Choma 2015). The topic of the rising fear of Muslims is something that can be seen all over the media today and discussed in many political debates. This paper will examine the literature focused on the topic of Islamophobia throughout the Western world.
The significance of the research on Islamophobia can be given in a number of reasons. As America increases in its diversity with more and more immigrants coming from around the world, it is important to correctly understand the cultures entering the country. More and more Muslims from the Middle East and Southeast Asia are entering the United States, yet the fear of Islam seems to be on the rise over the past few years (Laird 2013, Kreamelmeyer 2011). However, this increase in Muslim immigrants is not just something the United States is going through, but many other European countries are facing an increasing number of Muslim immigrants coupled with an increasing fear of both Islam and immigrants in general (Kunst 2013, Strabac 2014). This lack of knowledge about the faith leads to incorrect positions, and because of this hostility Muslims are feeling isolated and believing “they must choose between being a Muslim and Being an American” (McGinty 2013, Laird 2013, Rahim 2010:245). In o...

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...on and Kunst concluded otherwise (Stabac 2014). After reviewing the other research located, I would hypothesize that, now, Muslim immigrants coming in to the country would be viewed more negatively than the other immigrants because of the more violent presentation of Islam seen in the media more recently. A second question that could be further researched is how do other non-Western countries feel about Muslims both living in their country and entering the country. All of the research that I located discussed Western nations and Islamophobia between their citizens, yet nothing I located had research on other parts of the world. Examining the research leads me to a hypothesis that other countries would be more open to Islam because of less direct terrorist attacks, more interaction with other Muslims, and less hostile portrayal of the religion in those other regions.

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