Essay on The Rising Concerns of Underage Drinking

Essay on The Rising Concerns of Underage Drinking

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Alcohol is a drink that possesses a seducing effect to tempt many citizens. Adults worldwide consume countless cans of beers, wine, vodkas, and other alcohol beverages. However, its luring quality has been secretly shared to minors, resulting to a problem called Underage Drinking. This situation has existed for quite some time. In the past, underage drinking was considered a miniscule crime, and wasn’t strictly restrained or monitored. As we continued to remain oblivious, numbers of adolescent drinkers have gradually increased as they used the tolerant rules to their advantage. Now, the problem has become significantly noticeable, and we can no longer neglect it. High school, even middle school students have been found with alcohol nationwide. The time to take action has come. Our society has the ability to halt and reduce the growth rate of adolescent drinkers. Teachers and parents must begin educating kids about how alcohol threatens them. The government should also strengthen and enforce laws preventing further increase of alcohol-addicted teens. On top of that, the mass media should display fewer alcohol related scenes in movies, and TV. We can control this problem by cutting back on alcohol-related ads, educating minors, and creating new laws to restrict underage drinking.
When commercials in television, internet, and radio stations advertise products from various companies, the advertisers should take account of the ages of the audience. Too many inappropriate objects make appearance and poison our children’s minds, and alcohol is one of them. A prodigious amount is shown during intermissions on TV, especially during popular events like the Super Bowl. Although the beer and wine companies’ intentions are only...

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