The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris Essay

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Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York on October 27 1858. His family was one of the wealthiest families of Ney York at that time. His father was Theodore Sr. His mother’s name was Martha Bulloch, but everybody called her Mittie. His family had moved to America from Holland in 1648. He grew up in a neighborhood by present day Gramercy Park in Manhattan. This was where the richest families lived in New York. Although he had plenty of money and a helpful family, he faced many difficulties and problems as both a child and later as an adult.
As a young boy, Theodore faced many struggles. He had severe asthma. He often found himself short of breath. He would often have asthma attacks at night, when he would wake up and could not breathe. In that time there were no real treatments for asthma. Out of his diary he states “When I had an asthma attack my dad would rush me into a carriage and ride thru the streets at fast speeds…” This was thought to push air into Teddies’ lungs. Theodore also suffered high fevers and often caught colds. His dad built an indoor gym to keep him fit and healthy. Teddies’ parents later found out that he was severely near sighted and had to wear thick glasses for the rest of his life.
Ever since Teddy was born, he loved nature. One day Teddy found a seal that had been killed in the New York harbor on a slab of wood. He came back for days and studied it and measured and weighed it. He took notes about it as he studied it. In the book Roosevelt page 14 it states “That seal filled me with every possible feeling of romance and adventure…” Theodore’s room was filled with many creatures. He had many animal skulls and bugs, mice and, birds in cages. He called his room, “The Roosevelt Museum of Natural History”.

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...ed for a second term as president. Roosevelt formed NCAA to help put safety standards on sports especially football. He also passed acts like the pure food act to help food safety.
Roosevelt’s presidency ended and he went on trips around the world and went hunting for two years. On January 6, 1919 Roosevelt died in his sleep of a blood clot at the age of 60 years old. Roosevelt’s body is in a public cemetery in Oyster Bay. His face was later carved into mount Rushmore.

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When I had an asthma attack my dad would rush me into a carriage and ride thru the streets at fast speeds
That seal filled me with every possible feeling of romance and adventure
His doctor diagnosed him with heart problems and recommended he avoid strenuous activity, advice which he spurned
He was the best man I have ever known
Roosevelt was viewed as a champion of the common people

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