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The Rise of the Vegans
Behind the obnoxious stereotypes created by animal eaters, vegans are on track to save the world. Within recent years, the amount of vegans in the world has skyrocketed. As social media gains more ground, the advertising of aesthetically pleasing foods reach more people, specifically the youth. The reasons why vegans are growing by large number is due to the numerous health benefits, cost efficient way of living, and its benefits to the environment leaving a smaller footprint.
Firstly, patrons participate in a vegan diet because of the numerous health benefits like weight loss. Losing weight and being healthier results in cheaper health care; many people are taking note of this and progressing their health to progress their bank accounts. When the world shows numbers of rising vegans what it does not show is the gains made in health. Eating a healthy diet equates to more energy for physical activity. As Sarah Marsh put it, “Veganism is on the rise. In 2006, 150,000 people in the UK opted for a plant based diet.” The majority of those transitioning into the plant based lifestyle are young people. With the rise of social media, especially instagram, more teens have access to witness the abundance of fruits and vegetables. They soon realize that animal products are irrelevant in the equation, and people can thrive of a plant based lifestyle. Jonathan Beachy claims, “Veganism has grown to 2.5% of the US population.” The healths benefits of switching to vegan diet is lower cholesterol, less chance of a heart attack or stroke, and a longer lifespan. To some people the sacrifice of not eating animal products is worth the gains made in health and thus the ...

... middle of paper ..., and conscious about the environment. A plant based diet is known to reverse certain health diseases giving people a clean slate. Cancer can be avoided when eating foods high in vitamins and antioxidants. Money is saved when making the switch to a simple diet with ample nutrients. Lastly, veganism is extremely beneficiary to the environment and the longevity of planet earth. Becoming a vegan is the solution to many problems and that explains why many people are making the switch. Despite the critics, people are making the switch to a plant based diet and will continue to do so for several years to come. Veganism should be considered the perfect diet because it is filled with many pros and very little cons. More people are becoming vegan every year because of the research supported benefits and the ethical reasons while sustaining a moral conscious for the earth.

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