The Rise Of The Nazi Party Of Germany Essay

The Rise Of The Nazi Party Of Germany Essay

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In the years preceding WWII anti-Semitism was not uncommon throughout all of Europe, however, it was the rise of the Nazi party of Germany that posed the greatest threat to the Jewish people. After the First World War, Germany adopted a more peaceful stance, consisting of moderate parties creating what was known as the Weimar Republic. To many right wing parties, in particular the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSGWP), this more passive approach was regarded to be unacceptable and treasonous to the very fiber of German heritage. The NSGWP had adopted 25 point program that was designed to unify all German people, with focus on intense nationalism, ‘purity’ of the race, and expansion of German borders. Some key indicators within the 25 point program that the Jewish (and all non-German) people were destined for trouble could be interpreted in: Article 4, which would exclude people of Jewish lineage from being a German nationalist (Jews were defined solely by their lineage and not religious affiliation); and Article 8, which shut down all immigration to Germany. This program was presented on February 24, 1920 to the people of Germany by Adolf Hitler (Lee 1998). The onset of the Great Depression in 1929 was a key turning point for the NSGWP, placing their focus on the ‘failed institution’ of capitalism. It presented an opportune moment for the more socialist parties to gain influence and was instrumental in the fall of the Weimar Republic (Stackelberg 2002). In 1933 Adolf Hitler, leader of the NSGWP, was named Chancellor of Germany, and the Nazi Party was born.
The next twelve years would see an ever increasing persecution, discrimination, oppression, displacement, and ultimately, slaughter of various class groups an...

... middle of paper ... of David. These were easily identifiable for Nazi death squads that started a spree of executions in 1941.
The ‘final solution’ was brought about at the Wannseekonferenz (Wannsee Conference) on January 20, 1942. It was here that Senior Nazi officials met to discuss the elimination of all Jews in Europe. By this time Germany had occupied Poland, Italy, France, Holland, and Jews from all of these countries were sent to Poland to meet their fate in any of the six concentration camp gas chambers there. Additionally, following the occupation of Hungary in 1944, 380,000 more Hungarian Jewish people were shipped to and exterminated in concentrations camps. The most infamous of these camps, Auschwitz, is recorded to have had 1.6 million Jews die within its fences. By wars-end in 1945, upwards of 6 million Jews were put to death at the hands of their Nazi oppressors.

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